Have a look at what our Arrow parents have to say.

“My little man Tumisho has made me so proud this year, he has been going through some tough times but he amazed me by how he handled the matters at hand. I believe it was through the love and patience his teacher gave him. Teacher Renee, you are great thank you because I know it must have been challenging for you to give one child more attention than the others so he can keep up with the rest of the class, but through your dedication Tumisho came out of his shell and blossomed into the person he is meant to be. He still has a long way to go but you have given him a strong footing to start with.

I see how confident and courageous he is this year in so many things; he always wants to prove to me that he is cable of taking care of himself and others and doing things by himself. He has learned that in life one has to work hard in order to succeed, nothing comes easy. He did his little best to meet the standard required and I am so grateful to you.

Tumisho has some favourite encouraging words that he heard you say: ‘Don’t ever give up or else you will drown and die.’

Thanking you.”

Mmakomane (Mummy to Tumisho)

“We are really impressed as a family and would like to say that we can draw a number of positives from our daughter Nuni. The activities she performs at home, we can surely say is what she has learned from school. Activities like the colour of the robots and many others.

We really appreciate being kept informed of all that the school is doing, from the menu to reminding us of the most important dates. Thank you.”

Kind regards,

Lawrence Madzhie

“We, as parents, recognise that Arrow Academy represents a progressive transformation to South African education and society. We have witnessed the teachers adapting to be relevant in their teaching, nurturing and environment and the school sticking to what they advertised.

We moved our son to the school a couple of months ago and he is thriving now. He comes home stimulated mentally, physically and emotionally, and worth mentioning – very well fed.”


Ola Paton

“I would like to send my gratitude to Arrow Academy, the principal, teachers and all the staff. Your kindness and friendliness makes school a second home to our kids. You teach our kids manners, respect and your curriculum is no.1. Tsakani can read and write at Grade 1. Wow! Thank you Teacher Nolene.

As a parent, it gives me peace of mind knowing my child is in a safe and secure environment. I’m grateful for all your service and I advise any parent out there to take their child to Arrow Academy, because the world will be a better place if all our kids can be raised in such a respectful manner.

Your school give us more and more…

Thank you.”


This is THE school. Happy kids, happy parents!
I love the teachers’ warmth and friendliness. Kids learn a lot while having fun and eating well. I can’t believe my five-year-old daughter is already reading!
So proud of Arrow Academy!

Kind regards,

Elisabeth Mukonde

The first thing my daughter said after her first day of school was: “Wow Mommy! The teachers are very, very nice and Mommy I ate all my vegetables.” What a learning environment, so welcoming and radiating with joy.

Kind regards,

Dimakatso Maila