Our Team.

We care about growing, learning and having fun. Meet the Team!

At Arrow our greatest resource is our special teachers. Each one has been taught to carry out the Arrow ethos with pride and nurture the little ones as they embark on their quest for knowledge.

Head of School

Nolene Theron


I want to portray my passion for learners, people and education in such a way that learners also become enthusiastic about learning. [bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Read More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ] I believe in Roy B Zug’s philosophy that: “The aim of education, also spiritual education, is to teach the students to learn to cope without educators, because they learned to think for themselves”. For me, it is important to expose learners to different types of education and learning. For this reason, I make use of different methods of education in the classroom. Learners in the Foundation Phase learn best when they have first-hand experience and are involved in the moment. My favourite quote is: “A true teacher does not only share knowledge with her students. She also stimulates their interest in such a way that they want to find out more than what she can teach them. A teacher is not simply a fuel line to the oil tank of their mind, but also a spark plug that fires them up to a full life.” – J. Berrill [/bg_collapse]


Cloudy Mokomane

Cloudy, our school administrator oversees the day-to-day functions as well as the administrative tasks at Arrow Academy. [bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Read More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ] She is the friendly voice on the receiving side of all telephone calls and she is primarily responsible for handling communication with parents as well as providing assistance to parents regarding their child’s education journey with Arrow Academy. [/bg_collapse]