Our Story.

A First for Education.

Arrow Academy was conceptualised in 2016, when Optimi recognised the need for a model school where we can develop the “classroom of the future”. The school aims to provide a quality learning experience, incorporating whole child development principles, while catering to the unique needs of modern-day, working-family living at an affordable cost. The first school year kicked-off on the 9th of January 2017 and 50 excited learners, in their new colourful uniforms, arrived to start their school journey with Arrow Academy. The school opened with Grades RRR to 1 in 2017. We added two more grades in 2018, expanding to 265 learners, and will continue to grow each year up to Grade 7 in 2022. The Arrow High School will also be opening soon.

At Arrow Academy we are at the forefront of a new era in education – a forward-thinking solution for the individual learner of the 21st century. We believe there is no such thing as cookie-cutter kids! Each child is unique and the way they learn about the world should be too. We focus our curriculum and whole child development approach around our learners, unlocking their true potential as we guide them on a journey that will prepare them for life in a modern society. We believe that we are the only school to innovate around a holistic education experience for young learners who want to meaningfully impact society in an era of the independent spirit.

Arrow Academy forms part of the Optimi group. The group is the largest provider of distance education solutions at school level in South Africa. Optimi provides a unique Guided Learning Ecosystem that empowers learners through education to realise their full potential. The system focuses on education innovation that ultimately ensures quality, affordable learning. Optimi owns the brands Impaq (home-education curriculum and service provider), Teach360 (school and teacher materials and support), Media Works (Adult Education & Training and other courses to corporates), CAMI (practice software for mathematics, reading, literacy, science, and perceptual skills), as well as an investment in Tuta-Me (on-demand tutoring service that links learners to qualified tutors).

To learn more about Optimi, visit www.optimi.co.za

Our distinctive approach is driven by three core principles.

Dynamic Learning

We aim to cultivate a spirit of independence in our learners. We place our focus on high quality education to provide the best foundation for each of our learners. Furthermore, we focus on blended learning techniques that leverage technology as a learning tool – the smart way. Our approach seeks to empower learners by focusing on literacy, numeracy and other core skills; taught in ways that ignite children’s desire to learn. We will constantly adapt our techniques to ensure that our learners stay ahead of the pack.

Whole Child Development

Book smart children don’t change the world – cognitive, emotional and social intelligences are required of game changers in modern society. That is why whole child development is at the core of learning in our integrated model. We give our learners a winning edge by exposing them to carefully selected extracurricular activities geared at empowering their individual spirit. Learners have access to Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapists for intervention and are actively encouraged to explore emotional and social skills that build culturally smart leaders of tomorrow.

Convenience for Modern Families

Arrow Academy is centrally located in Centurion, close to residential areas, main transport routes and the Gautrain station, so that our parents can easily commute to the Academy on their way to work. Longer school days mean that parents can pick their children up from school on their way home. Arrow Academy is also open during school holidays (excluding December). Meals are provided by a catering company ensuring to meet the learners nutrition needs. Arrow provides breakfast, lunch and two snacks. Arrow also has a registered nurse that provides deworming twice a year as well as Flu vaccinations
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