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Might my child have ADHD?

If you are wondering about the answer to this question, then it’s most likely that your child is in preschool and not primary school because by the time children are in a more formal school setting with all the demands of sitting at a desk, having a school structure etc., issues of ADHD have already started to present themselves or been diagnosed.

The power of positive recognition

We all have a need for recognition. No matter how big or how small, the words “well done” makes ...

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Practical tips on how to keep your kids ...

With younger children you can control (almost) everything they see online but older children are tec...

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One solution for most maths problems

Mathematics is one of the school subjects that require logic and insight. It often happens that lear...

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Phonics – The root of reading

What do you want to achieve with a reading programme in the Foundation Phase? This is a critical que...

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