The Centurion Gymnastics Club introduces children of all ages to basic gymnastics skill development such as climbing, rolling, hand support skills, and balancing. Learners also work on their physical fitness skills. A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures personal attention and maximises safety.

Our learners visit the Centurion Gymnastics Club on a weekly basis to take part in the gymnastics activities.


The Centurion Swimming and Aqua Centre offers a fun and safe environment where children of all ages can learn to swim. Their qualified instructors help learners to swim with confidence while a low student-to-instructor ratio maximises safety.

Our learners visit the Centurion Swimming and Aqua Centre on a weekly basis to learn how to swim.


The Centurion Ballet Academy offers a top-class studio where dancers of all ages are trained in a caring environment. The Academy is registered with the Royal Academy of Dance, which is internationally known for its contribution towards the art of ballet and dance.

Our learners visit the Centurion Ballet Academy on a weekly basis to develop their basic dancing skills.


Melodie Music Academy offers a playful music experience that stimulates and supports our learner’s growing skills and understanding. The classes are active, playful and creative while laying the foundation for a lifetime of music enjoyment.

Grade RRR-R: Music and Movement.

Grade 1-5: Piano/Guitar/Recorder.

A qualified teacher visits Arrow Academy once a week to present the programme.


The netball training sessions are held every Thursday at the Centurion Action Arena for 11⁄2 hours. Teachers Anel, Stacy, and Tshegofatso along with Coach Marna teach learners the skills they need to enjoy the sport of netball. Currently, around 30 learners (both boys and girls) take part in the training sessions.

The sessions are designed to be worked through in progression. The first term focuses on basic skills, for example:

By passing and bouncing the ball to their partners, they learn:
Hand-eye coordination;
Ball handling; and
Learners work on their observation skills during the warm-up challenges.
They learn how to behave in a competitive environment.
Learners also learn how to work together as a team and motivate each other.

In the second term, we focus on skills like jumping and footwork, and incorporating these new skills with the skills they had learned in the first term.


Choir is about developing the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture, and diction. Choir teaches that discipline and practice have great rewards. Children experience a sense of belonging in a choir and participate in rehearsals full of fun.