Dynamic Learning

Our approach seeks to empower learners by focusing on literacy, numeracy and other core skills;taught in ways that ignite children's desire to learn.

We will constantly adapt our techniques to ensure that our learners stay ahead of the pack.


Convenience for Modern Families

Longer school days mean that parents can pick their children up from school on their way home.

Pick up times are from 16:00-18:00 Monday-Thursday and 15:00-17:00 on Fridays.

Healthy meals, including breakfast, lunch and snacks, are prepared daily for our learners and are included in our affordable fees.


Whole Child Development

We give our learners a winning edge by exposing them to carefully selected extracurricular activities geared at empowering their individual spirit.

Our learners have access to regular group evaluations by child psychologists and are actively encouraged to explore emotional and social skills.

A day at Arrow Academy